Kerala The Land of Ultimate Beauty

Kerala is a gem of a destination when we talk about tourism in India, as it has a treasure of attractions to offer. In fact, the state has done the country proud by being included in the ten paradises of the world by the National Geographic Traveler. This accounts for Kerala Tour Packages being in high demand among domestic as well as international travelers. The eco tourism of the state is the primary attraction it has to offer, with the natural destinations such as beaches, backwaters, waterfalls, mountains, rivers and forests being the best attractions it has to bring. Tourism happens to be the major industry of this hospitable state today, with travel agencies bringing a variety of affordable and excellent Kerala Tours for family and business travelers with different budgets.

Kerala- God’s Own Country


kerala god’s own country

Kerala has been promoted by the state tourism department, with the tagline God’s Own Country and it has deservingly been so called because of a beauty which brings it close to heaven. The most popular attraction in the state are the backwaters at Kollam and Alappuzha, which constitute of a maze of serene canals, lakes and rivers, with beautiful houseboats floating over them. A few days stay at one of the houseboats promises to be an experience of a lifetime. Here, you can have a beautiful time in the serene surroundings of lush green forests and small villages, as the houseboat glides on the quiet lagoons.

There are some Ayurvedic massage and spa centers located in the backwater areas, where you can relax and get the benefits of expert Ayurvedic treatment. The state boasts of some of the most beautiful and vibrant beaches in the country, with the destinations like Kovalam, Kappad and Varkala. The charming hill stations of Munnar, Wayanad and Ponmudi are other great attractions of this beautiful state. Together, all these attractions make Kerala a dream destination for tourists from various parts of India and abroad.

Kerala-An Exotic Destination

kerala wildlife tour

kerala wildlife tour

The backwaters, beaches and hill stations of Kerala make it one of the hot favorites among the nature lovers. The state sounds equally magical for those looking for a holiday full of adventure and excitement. For such adventure loving people, Kerala Wildlife Tour Package is an ideal option. The state is endowed with verdant forests having the most amazing species of flora and fauna, with some exotic birds and rare wild animals. Some of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the state are Periyar National Park, Silent Valley National Park and Eravikulam National Park. Tourists who take Kerala Wildlife Tours can indulge in activities like trekking, fishing, bird watching and night excursions in the forests.

In addition to the natural and historical attractions, Kerala boasts of a rich culture too. At the state, tourists get the opportunity to witness some vibrant fairs, festivals and art forms associated with the state. They carry home some unforgettable memories of the state, with the most amazing holiday experience they might have ever had,